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Top Traded Pairs Price 24h High 24h Low 24h Chg% 24h Vol 24h Amo
IOST / BTC0.00000240.000002520.000002199.58%5131313 IOST12.17429768 BTC
IOST / ETH0.000051310.000054870.000048096.12%508799 IOST26.30840424 ETH
LRC / BTC0.000019180.000019360.000018095.96%15421 LRC0.28538867 BTC
AE / BTC0.00017250.00017570.00016285.95%8022.27 AE1.3733055 BTC
LOOM / BTC0.000014390.000014450.00001355.8%68844 LOOM0.97013684 BTC
STORM / BTC0.000001280.000001310.000001215.78%4535566 STORM5.73442119 BTC
OMG / BTC0.0006670.0006820.0006315.37%4436.01 OMG2.931577 BTC
SUB / BTC0.000020570.000020840.000019295.37%74871 SUB1.53499523 BTC
ZIL / BTC0.000005910.000006060.00000565.16%1593164 ZIL9.36409037 BTC
ELF / BTC0.00006670.00006780.000063914.34%29189 ELF1.9348257 BTC
Our Features

The most advanced cryptocurrency trading platform

Leading Global Trading Platform

We have offices across the globe and a growing number of partners around the world.

High Performance Order Matching Engine

We offer a multi-threaded, high performance market order matching engine.

Trusted and Secure

We have an exceptional uptime record with decentralized structure and anti-DDOS protection system.

All Devices Covered

Bitrue moves seamlessly across devices. Every device has access to our trading platforms, accounts and support.

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Meet The Bitrue Team

Bitrue has assembled a team rich in cryptocurrency exchange and industry expertise. Our management team from Capital One and website security experts represent the apex of their professions at the international level.

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Latest News

Discover our latest news, trends, innovations and stories.

「To The Moon」Bitrue X Wanchain Taiwan Meetup

Bitrue invites high-profile blockchain project Wanchain to Taiwan in July 11. All friends who are concerned with the development of Wanchain and crypto currency are welcome with us together to discuss the market prospects and challenges in the second half of 2018.

Bitrue and its partner Wanchain opened the first stop of fan meeting in Indonesia

Bitrue and its partner Wanchain opened the first stop of fan meeting in Indonesia on their Asian tour. More than 220 industry professionals, investors, and digital currency lovers join the meetup. They shared and discussed the prospects, as well as the challenges of the global crypto currency market in the second half of 2018.

Future of Blockchain: Shaping Tomorrow

The future of finance could be dominated by blockchain technologies. We are taking a deep dive into the blockchain space. We’re going beyond digital currency and homing in on applications that might reshape democracy, economics, advertising, and more. Blockchain’s impact on these concepts could truly change how they function.


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